Hugo Boss (Photo courtesy Barcelona World Race)

After leading the Barcelona World Race since the first full day of racing, for most of 14 days and having recently extended their lead on the water to what the skippers estimated to be around 60 miles, pre-race favourites Alex Thomson and Pepe Ribes on their IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss, were dismasted on last night (Wednesday) in the South Atlantic ocean in relatively moderate wind conditions.
The English-Spanish duo are heading to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, under engine. Making around 6 knots with enough to fuel to get most of the 370 miles west to the Brazilian port should which should take around three days. The duo had already set a new record in the Mediterranean for the passage from Barcelona to Gibraltar and a course record to the Equator.Thomson, 40, and Ribes, 43, were making a sail change when it is believed that the central pin in the headsail furling drum sheared while the British skipper was right beside it, leaving the mast unsupported from the front of the boat. He had to watch helplessly as the mast and sails fell backwards, the mast itself breaking after it landed resting half on the boat and half out.

Stewart Hosford, Director of Alex Thomson Racing, explained what happened:

“ The guys were both on deck. They were putting the jib top up and taking the J1 (headsail) off. Alex was up on the foredeck, Pepe was at the mast helping him out. The furling drum, which holds the J2 to the deck and is a fixed stay sheared, the main steel pin in the drum sheared, and so because they were in the middle of changing from the J1 to the J2 there was only one forestay up at that time, for that brief period. That meant the furling drum was unsupported. Alex said that it was like slow motion from there, the mast fell backwards into the water and rested on the stanchions and the daggerboard. At that point the mast broke. And it was gone pretty much immediately. It did not break on the way down. It ended up sitting half in the boat and half out and at that point it broke. There is none of the mast left.”
Thomson and Ribes had been sailing in moderate easterly breezes and big seas when the accident happened, right before his eyes. He recalls
“I was looking backwards as Pepe was bringing a sail to me to plug in behind me and all of a sudden I saw this just break. All of a sudden I saw this just break, the (furling) drum just blew up in the air and the sail with it. I looked up and instinctively I knew the mast was going to fall down. It kind of hovered there for a few seconds and then fell backwards into the water. Within a couple of minutes the mast broke in two where it was hinged over the boat. Pepe did a great job with the grinder cutting it away before the mast made a hole inside the boat in the big waves we had. It is extremely disappointing. We were leading the race by 60 miles, we had broken the record to Gibraltar.”
“We felt we were in control of the race. Yes we had made a couple of minor mistakes, but really we were performing brilliantly. I am disappointed for our team, for Pepe, for all of us. It is heart wrenching when these things happen.”

By 1600hrs UTC Thursday Hugo Bos s was at 280 miles west of Salvador de Bahia, making 6.3kts.

Both of the closest rivals to Hugo Boss paid warm tributes to the British-Spanish duo. Guillermo Altadill (ESP) of Neutrogena, with whom Thomson took second in a two handed Transat Jacques Vabre race in 2011, said:
As the Spanish popular song says “when a friend leaves, something dies in your soul”, and that’s how we feel today. Alex and Pepe are our adversaries, we´ve fought with them and competed in the water, but we wanted this to continue up to the finish line. Because when an opponent leaves, this means there is one less of us that can help when things get tough. The history of ocean racing tells stories about epic and supportive rescues between competitors; you can ask Alex or Jean Lecam, their own opponents and also friends, were those who pulled them out from the claws of the common enemy we all have to compete against, the Ocean and its forces. Alex and Pepe if it’s any consolation I never doubted that this race was yours and the only way yo u could get it snatched, by the adversity we all fight in this sport, that common enemy that waits for us in every downpour, gust of wind or at the end of each wave we surf.”

And from new race leaders Cheminées Poujoulat, Swiss co-skipper Bernard Stamm – himself no stranger to bad luck and adversity and a long long time rival of Thomson’s said:

First and foremost we are sorry for him. And for the race too, I am sorry, because it loses the favourite. We have lost a strong rival and that is sad. From our point of view we try to sail safely so this kind of thing does not happen. But it confirms again not to take risks.”

The race goes on
Cheminées Poujoulat take over the lead of the Barcelona World Race with a narrow margin over Neutrogena. Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam on Cheminées Poujoulat are slightly slower than Altadill and José Munoz but the two Farr designs are racing side by side 22 miles apart west-east as they start to negotiate the Saint Helena high pressure zone’s western side. They will have lighter winds though tomorrow before breaking into the N’lies which will slingshot them south faster, into the low pressure train which is lined up for them.

For their part, We Are Water and One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton continue their progression about fifty miles from each other. Two hundred miles from the equator, the crew of Spirit of Hungary will soon also be in the South Atlantic waters ready to take their turn in the battle with St. Helena.

Stuart Hosford, Director Alex Thomson Racing: “It was at 2102hrs. The guys were both on deck. They were putting the jib top up and taking the J1 off. Alex was up on the foredeck, Pepe was at the mast helping him out. The furling drum, which holds the J2 to the deck and is a fixed stay sheared, the main steel pin in the drum sheared, and so because they were in the middle of changing from the J1 to the J2 there was only one forestay up at that time, for that brief period. That meant the furling drum was unsupported. Alex said that it was like slow motion from there, the mast fell backwards into the water and rested on the stanchions and the daggerboard. At that point the mast broke. And it was gone pretty much immediately. It did not break on the way down. It ended up sitting half in the boat and half out and at that point it broke. There is none of the mast left.
Then they cut the mast free. They are unharmed. That is the most important thing. They called us. We called race direction. We went into crisis mode. We came up with a plan fairly quickly, to start their engine and start motoring towards Brazil. That is what they are currently heading.
They were 370 miles from Salvador de Bahia when they started the engine. Now (1300hrs UTC Thursday) they are 320 miles from Salvador, and they have enough fuel to pretty much get themselves there. We have two crew flying there already. It is an 18 hour flight from here. They will meet them on a tender to bring them into the port.
The boat is undamaged. There is a bent stanchion and a scratch on the coachroof. The boat is secured and seaworthy.

Bernard Stamm (Cheminées Poujoulat):“I have just found out about Hugo Boss. Jean (Le Cam) does not know because he is sleeping now. First and foremost we are sorry for him. And for the race too, I am sorry, because it loses the favourite. We have lost a strong rival and that is sad. From our point of view we try to sail safely so this kind of thing does not happen. But it confirms again not to take risks, 
Otherwise we are always monitoring the progress of Neutrogena because we are not far away from them. 
We still have the anticyclone to get around. But meantime the conditions are similar to the last two days. The sky is a bit more cloudy, with some squalls. It is always warm but the breeze is very, very unstable. Perhaps that is a bit of explanation for Hugo Boss. Last night we had 6 to 24 knots of wind. And so we were trimming all the time. Always we have someone on deck. In the next 24-48 hours we need to avoid being becalmed, trapped by Saint Helena. We must go around it. It is like a circuit we have to go around the inside track. 
Since the start of the South Atlantic we have our little routine. We work shifts in the night, watches, and during the day we try to be together more, we talk. We have not seen many animals and no boats. That is our life, that is racing.

Rankings at 1400hrs UTC Thursday 15th January 2015 
1 Cheminées Poujoulat (B Stamm – J Le Cam) at 20712,7 miles to finish
2 Neutrogena (G Altadill – J Muñoz) + 25,7 miles
3 GAES Centros Auditivos (A Corbella – G Marin)  + 28,3 miles
4 Renault Captur (J Riechers – S Audigane)  + 182,7 miles
5 We Are Water (B Garcia – W Garcia) + 414,0 miles
6 One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton (A Gelabert – D Costa) + 461,3 miles
7 Spirit of Hungary (N Fa – C Colman) + 616,5 miles
ABD Hugo Boss (A Thomson-P Ribes)

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Cowes Week Day 1 Results  (Photo by Rick Tomlinson)

Cowes Week Day 1 Results (Photo by Rick Tomlinson)


The opening day of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week saw competitors challenged by winds that varied from well under 10 knots to more than 20. After a weather front cleared the race area at lunchtime the breeze settled into a brisk south-westerly of 16-20 knots, giving glorious racing conditions and once again bathing Cowes in warm sunlight.

By the time of the first start, for the 15-strong Etchells class, the first band of rain had cleared leaving a southerly breeze of around 10 knots in the middle of the Solent, but rather less on the start line in the lee of the Royal Yacht Squadron. With the fleet heading initially to the west, against an adverse tidal stream, a key question for teams was whether there would be an advantage in hoisting a spinnaker after the start.

Andrew Cooper’s Ice led the fleet into the start line, but at the cannon Rob Goddard’s Stampede was to windward of him and sailing faster, while Jack Wilson’s Idea, a length further back and to windward was already hoisting the spinnaker. It wasn’t long before the rest of the fleet followed suit, starting with the Downer family’s Moonlight, the closest boat to the inner end of the line, although Ice and Stampedewere relatively slow to do so and suffered an initial disadvantage as a result.

It turned into a very close race for the fleet, with the first 10 boats crossing the line in just five minutes. Shaun and Emily Frohlich’sExabyte V was first to finish, followed by Moonlight. Rob Elliot’s Time and Tide was just seven seconds after Moonlight, but accepted a time penalty for a rule infringement, allowing Ice into third place and Nick Stagg’s China White into fourth. However, with MoonlightTime and Tide and Stampede, which finished ninth on the water, all involved in protests the final order may change further.

Starting 10 minutes after the Etchells, the Daring fleet took a less cautious approach, with Edward Grimston’s Division Belle over at the start at the inshore end of the line. Defiant was next closest to the line, further offshore, but Giles Peckham’s Dauntless, starting just half a length astern and to windward was first to hoist her kite, gaining a small early advantage. Dauntless held a commanding lead at the end of the three-hour race, finishing with an advantage of more than four minutes. However, the battle for second place was much closer, with only 12 seconds separating Michael Campbell and Charles Matthews’Damsel and Jeremy Preston, R Laird and P Morton’s Defender.

In the J/80 class Colin Simonds’ Doolalli 4 led the pack into the middle part of the line seconds before the start. However, she was moving relatively slowly, leaving Stu Southan’s Joyeuse, Ben Richards and Andrew Dallas’ Boysterous, and Douglas Struth’s DSP, looking like the best-placed boats and taking an early lead, initially without their asymmetric spinnakers. However, when the breeze inshore went very light it was three boats further offshore, Jon Powell’s BettyDoolalliand Geoff Payne’s Surf and Turf that sailed around the outside of the fleet to take the lead three minutes into the race, despite being in the stronger adverse tide. This order was almost unchanged as the fleet approached the finish, with Betty taking the winning gun, followed 53 seconds later by Doolalli. Jamie Diamond’s Seafire had moved up to third, more than a minute ahead of Surf and Turf, which took fourth.

SALVO, IRC Class 3 Day 1 Rick Tomlinson

SALVO, IRC Class 3 Day 1 Rick Tomlinson

A class act

The Dragon fleet as a whole was closer to the line than earlier classes, but none were over at the start. The Old Bailey, sailed by Rudy Jurg, Michiel Insinger and Sara Antila, initially looked best placed mid line, while further back in the pack Simon Barter’s Bertie was first to hoist a spinnaker. Martin Makey and Mark Lees in Ganador quickly followed suit and it was not long before they were overhauling Jurg, who hoisted just as Makey decided he couldn’t hold his kite any longer and dropped it – a move that saw them pull ahead of the Dutch and Finnish team onThe Old Bailey.

Having seen the gains enjoyed by the northern-most J/80s in the previous start, Graham and Julia Bailey’s Aimee started at the outer end of the line. However this time the advantage transferred to two of the Dragons further inshore, John Mellows’ La Traviata and Eric WIlliams’ Ecstatic, who both picked up a line of breeze to pull ahead into a useful lead five minutes into the race, with neither boat using spinnakers. It wasn’t long before Williams took the lead, holding it almost to the finish. However, on the final leg Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’sJerboa overhauled Williams to finish 11-seconds ahead. The Baileys finished just 29 second later to take third place.

Williams is one of the longest-standing competitors at Cowes Week, having raced at the event since 1959, five years before the formation of Cowes Combined Clubs 50 years ago brought the previous loose collection of daily regattas under a system of coordinated race management. “We had an interesting course today – it was difficult in the sense that there were lots of wind shifts and tidal benefits,” he said. “On the last leg we underestimated how high we needed to sail to reach the finish – Gavia tacked to the line first and we should have followed immediately, but we waited about 10 seconds longer, which was enough for her to get ahead.”

BOLDERIK, IRC Class 3 Day 1 (Photo by Rick Tomlinson)

BOLDERIK, IRC Class 3 Day 1 (Photo by Rick Tomlinson)

The big yachts in IRC Class 0 had an energetic race, with some 15 legs over a 35 mile course. An incident between two of the most competitive boats in the class – Piet Vroon’s Ker 46 Tonnere de Breskens and Michael Bartholomew’s GP42 Tokoloshe ll – saw both retire, leaving Irvine Laidlaw’s Reichel Pugh 52 Cape Fling ll to take line honours by more than 45 minutes. It was a big enough lead for Laidlaw to retain the lead on corrected time by 13 minutes over Richard Rankin’s venerable 12-Metre Italia. Despite accepting a penalty for an infringement of the rules, the de Graaf family’s Ker 40,Baraka GP, took third place on corrected time.

In IRC Class 2, Adam Gosling’s Corby 36 Yes!, last year’s overall Black Group winner and the second-slowest rated boat in the class, had a cracking start. Despite her low rating, Yes! was third across the finish of the 29-mile race, just two minutes 20 seconds behind line honours winner Jim Macgregor’s Elan 410 Premier Flair and 23 seconds behind Andrew McIrvine’s First 40 La Reponse. Premier Flair retained her win on corrected time, but La Reponse was unable to save her time onYes!, who took second on handicap by a margin of more than three minutes.

Tomorrow the forecast is for a bright and sunny day, with a south-southwesterly wind of around 12-18 knots, which promises sparkling racing conditions for all the 40 classes here at Cowes.


IRC Class 0
1, Cape Fling II (Irvine Laidlaw)
2, Italia (Richard Rankin)
3, Baraka Gp (Family de Graaf)
4, Toe In The Water Too (Toe in the Water)
5, Oystercatcher XXX (Richard Matthews)
6, Werewolf (Bertie Bicket and Chris Little)
7, Rebel (Stewart Whitehead)
8, Aberdeen Am (Ash Holmes)
9, Jolt 2 (Peter Harrison)
10, Team Jolokia (Pierre Meisel)

IRC Class 1
1, Moana (Francois Goubau)
2, Localletterbox Zero II (James Gair – Cowes Race School)
3, Antilope (Willem Wester)
4, Erivale III (Mike Greville)
5, Magic (Aasmund Drolsum)
6, Eh01 (Global Yacht Racing)
7, Madjus (Herman Bergshaven)
8, Cracklin’ Rosie (Jane & Steven Anderson)
9, Palpatine (Doug Innes – Stormforce Coaching)
10, Asiss (Ole Birger Giaever)

IRC Class 2
1, Premier Flair (Jim Macgregor)
2, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
3, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
4, Minx 3 (Jonathan Gardiner)
5, Alegria (Carl Sabbe)
6, Revive (Paul A Farrands)
7, Bella Nove (Nick Maddalena and Nick Jones)
8, T I L T (Alex & Andy Moore)
9, Vixter (Andrew Arthur)
10, Ino (James Neville)

IRC Class 3
1, Grand Slam (Hans Keverling Buisman)
2, Puma Logic (Sailing Logic)
3, Saffier Nitro (Saffier Nitro)
4, Xinska (Bernard Olesinski)
5, Hurricane (Solent Events)
6, Amaris 2 (IBA Sailing Team)
7, Old Mother Gun (P E Farrands)
8, No Retreat! (David Riley)
9, Banshee (Lance Adams)
10, Lightning Reflex (Geoff West)

IRC Class 4
1, Zarafa (Peter Scholfield)
2, Strait Dealer (David Franks)
3, Elaine (Mike Bridges)
4, Winsome (H.J. Heijst)
5, Jos Of Hamble (Roger Williams)
6, King Louie (Fiona & Malcolm Thorpe)
7, Xcitable (Peter Hodgkinson and Sarah Bailey)
8, Extra Djinn (Neville Hodkin)
9, Upstart (Robin Stevenson and Jaap Brommersma)
10, Muskox (Neville)

IRC Class 5
1, Etb Tyres Just Like That (Chaz Ivill)
2, J’Ronimo (Libby & David Greenhalgh)
3, 2Xs (Aindriu McCormack)
4, Induljence (Nick and Adam Munday)
5, Buccaneer (Mike Lilwall and Peter Pearson)
6, Brightwork (Bob and Jon Baker)
7, Black Diamond (Justin Leese and Mark Brown)
8, Wild Blue (Peter Wykeham-Martin)
9, Mogan (Graham Thursfield)
10, Prince De Petarcq (Bert Janssen)

IRC Class 6
1, Whooper (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, Aelana (John Wardle)
3, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)
4, Conteza (David Kirkley)
5, Woof (Jo Richards)
6, Clarionet (Sam Laidlaw)
7, Scallywag (Julian Lord)
8, Two Frank (Olly Love and Sam Flint)
9, Aurora (Richard Perkins)
10, Crakajax (Richard & Ursula Hollis)

IRC Class 7
1, Madelaine (Edward Donald)
2, Jiminy Cricket (Mike Harrison)
3, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
4, Meow (Mr Chris Charlesworth)
5, Haggis (Andrew & Rebecca Buchanan)
6, Google-Eye (Pat Stables and Nigel Hunter)
7, Hubble Bubble (Dave Wright)
8, Tudor Rose (Ian Cooke)
9, Eau De Vie (Andrew Bell)
10, Rosaire (Michael Squire and Michael Gormley)

Contessa 32
1, Blanco (Ray Rouse)
2, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
3, Nimbus (Charles Hill)
4, Gualin (Rob Duke)
5, Mary Rose Tudor (Ed Bell)
6, Blueshark (Don Laing)
7, Connie (Kim and Mark Oliver)
8, Coh Karek (Tim Devlin)

Cork 1720
1, Midnight Cowboy (Steph Merry)
2, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)
3, Rum N Cork (Livingstone and Lewis)
4, Crescendo (James W Flynn OBE)
5, Rogan Josh (Powell, Sutherland, Hooper and Dean)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, The Packhouse (Alison Hougham)
2, Thunder Squall (Julian James)
3, Brevity (Mark Devereux)
4, Alamara B II (Ole Bettum)
5, Girlsforsail.Com 2 (
6, Sunbow 11 (Andrew Quicke)
7, White Heather (Janet & Lionel Miller)
8, Danny (Dougal Harris)
9, High Flyer (Mike Batcheler)
10, Falkor (Julia Addison, Mike Lee and Anna Nicole Forshew, dan standfo)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Kalliste (Boissier & Bentley)
2, Magician (Guy O’Beirne)
3, Widgeon (Nick Fletcher)
4, Dabra (Ian Miller)
5, Skai (Andrew Yates and Paul Eaton)
6, If…. (Martin Moore)
7, Reach 4 The Wind (Reach 4 the Wind)
8, Firecracker (Stephen Brookson)
9, Kalima II (Andrew Prynne)
10, Syrakus (Klaus Manthey and Rainer Wagner)

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
2, Damsel (Michael Campbell & Charles Mathews)
3, Defender (J Preston, R Laird, P Morton)
4, Finesse (Diana Christie)
5, Streak (Hamish Janson, George Dibben and Malcolm Lofts)
6, Dolphin (David Gower)
7, Dynamite (Anthony Balme)
8, Decoy (Andrew Norton, Richard Ottaway, David Chaplin, Julian Goodwi)
9, Division Belle (Edward Grimston)
10, Defiant (CAG Perry, PLF French, P Blackwell, P Buckley and ASZ de Fer)

1, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
2, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
3, Aimee (Graham Bailey)
4, Ganador (Martin Makey and Mark Lees)
5, Full Speed (Martin Payne)
6, Corinthian Spirits (Captain Bill Daniels)
7, Bertie (Simon Barter)
8, Furious (Owen Pay)
9, The Old Bailey (Rudy Jurg, Michiel Insinger and Sara Antila)
10, Seafire (David Crabb)

1, Exabyte V (Shaun Frohlich & Emily Frohlich)
2, Moonlight (Downer Family)
3, Ice (Andrew Cooper)
4, China White (Nick Stagg)
5, Esprit (Andrew Baker, Bradley Mclaughlin and Andrew Lis)
6, Ziggy Legend (Kevin Downer and Timothy Eccles)
7, Sumo (Jonty Cook)
8, Darling S (Jack Muldoon)
9, Wake (Wilfried Wagner)
10, Pensive Temptress (Andrew Green)

First 40.7
1, Incognito (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, Anticipation (Pete Newlands)
3, Fandango (Brendan McMahon and Adam Ridett)
4, Mitchellson Interceptor (Stuart & James Wilkie)
5, Playing Around (Nick Rawbone)
6, E-Digital Research (Chris Russell)
7, Space Race (Jonathan Blanshard)
8, Addiction (Addiction)
9, Lady V (Solent Events)
10, Britannia Lancelot (Britannia)

Flying 15
1, Men Behaving Badly (John Mander)
2, Four Winds (Gavin Tappenden)
3, Black (Nick Clarke)
4, Hakuna Kutoa Katika (John Hanson)
5, Ffreefire 20 (Sam Chan and Nick Atkinson)
6, Ffuraha (Mike Boll and Gil McCutcheon)
7, Triffs (Richard & Pat Triffitt)
8, Affore The Weak (Alex and Michael Tatlow)
9, Fflipineck (John Corby)

J/70 (Race 1)
1, Fremito D’Arja (Dario Levi)
2, Jugador (Jack Davies)
3, Raf Benevolent Fund (Wg Cdr Simon Ling)
4, Darwin Property (Charlie Esse)
5, Jawbreaker (David Atkinson)
6, Plaj (Wouter Kollmann)
7, Wilson Covers (Ian Wilson)
8, Just 4 Play (Simon Cavey)
9, Diva (Battistella Ferdinando)
10, Juke Box (Brian Moreton)

J/70 (Race 2)
1, Raf Benevolent Fund (Wg Cdr Simon Ling)
2, Wilson Covers (Ian Wilson)
3, Plaj (Wouter Kollmann)
4, Just 4 Play (Simon Cavey)
5, Darwin Property (Charlie Esse)
6, Fremito D’Arja (Dario Levi)
7, Jugador (Jack Davies)
8, Jawbreaker (David Atkinson)
9, Juke Box (Brian Moreton)
10, J’Nickit (Nigel, Jem and Tim)

1, Betty (Jon Powell)
2, Doolalli 4 (Colin Simonds and Family)
3, Seafire (Jamie Diamond)
4, Surf And Turf (Geoff Payne)
5, Jasmine (Douglas Neville-Jones)
6, Boysterous (Ben Richards and Andrew Dallas)
7, Swallow (Junior Deauville Yacht Club Team)
8, Dsp (Douglas Struth)
9, Jane (Barney)
10, Jumblesail (Robert Hunt)

1, Inspara (Tor McLaren)
2, Offbeat (David McLeman)
3, Bonfire (Clementi Stanley Syme Walker Williams)
4, Aspiration (Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland)
5, Jolly Jack Tar (Adrian Wheal)
6, J Taime (Christopher Palmer)
7, Me Julie (Hedley Aylott)
8, Juke Box (Chris Copeland and Paddy Sellers)
9, Jynnan Tonnyx (Owain Franks and Jean Lockett)
10, Jacobi (Ivan Burden)

J/111 (Race 1)
1, Plan J (Stewart Hawthorn)
2, Jelvis (Martin Dent)
3, Sweeny (Kees van Vliet & Hans J.G. Zwijnenburg)
4, Jeez Louise (James Arnell)
5, J-Dream (David & Kirsty Apthorp)
6, McFly (Tony Mack)
7, Jitterbug (Cornel Riklin)
8, Black Dog (Stuart Sawyer – Team Gul)
9, Icarus (Andrew Christie and Chris Body)
10, Toe In The Water (Paul Andersen)

J/111 (Race 2)
1, Jitterbug (Cornel Riklin)
2, Black Dog (Stuart Sawyer – Team Gul)
3, J-Dream (David & Kirsty Apthorp)
4, Plan J (Stewart Hawthorn)
5, Sweeny (Kees van Vliet & Hans J.G. Zwijnenburg)
6, Jelvis (Martin Dent)
7, Journey Maker II (Chris Jones and Louise Makin)
8, Icarus (Andrew Christie and Chris Body)
9, Toe In The Water (Paul Andersen)
10, Munkenbeck (A Munkenbeck and D Cheeseman)

1, Sheen (Anthony Eaton)
2, Dragonfly (John Sandiford Haigh)
3, Miranda (Richard Prest and Ben Few Brown)
4, Mimosa (Guy Mattinson and Jeremy Pocock)
5, Amethyst (Nick Foden-Pattinson and Jonathan Hayes)
6, Cynthia (Andrew, Jo and Alex Neill)
7, Jade (Elizabeth Windridge)
8, Bluebell (Jamie Nimmo)
9, Zara (Fred Few Brown)
10, Sirena (Helen Birchenough)

1, Buzz (Phil Cotton)
2, Humdinger (John Beech)
3, Wandering Glider (Matthew West)

Quarter Ton
1, Bullit (Morty)
2, Blackfun (Tony Hayward)
3, Magnum Evolution (Eric Reynolds)
4, Espada (Louise Morton)
5, Illegal Immigrant (Mark Yeabsley)
6, Whiskers (Catrina Southworth and Lincoln Redding)
7, Phoenix (Welch, Flemming, Fulford and Manser)
8, Spider Pig (Mclean Layfield)
9, Bad Toad (Paul Roberts)
10, Per Elisa (Richard Fleck)

1, Capella II (Hugo Cuddigan)
2, Toucan (Colin & Becky Samuelson and Peter Harvey)
3, Quail (B B Huber, C Blackburn and J Robertson)
4, Harlequin (John Raymond and Matt Alexander)
5, Goose (Lieutenant Colonel Nick Woolgar and Olav Cole Esq)
6, Banzai II (Nick Rowton-Lee, Rory Morrison and Paul Lacy-Smith)
7, Musicus (Nicholas Robertson)
8, Snowgoose 11 (Jonathan Nainby-Luxmoore)
9, Paroquet (James Axtell, Samantha Axtell and Lucy Benham)
10, Siskin (Thomas Montagu Douglass Scott)

RS Elite
1, Aeolus (Jono Brown)
2, Limelite (Chris Preston)
3, Wombat (Jason Proctor)
4, E’Tu (Donald Maclean/Steve Powell)
5, Soak Therapy (Egerton-Warburton Family)
6, Usain Boat (Peter Dudgeon)
7, Freebie Knot (Andrew Archibald)
8, Swan Song (Derek Priestley)

SB20 (Race 1)
1, Sponge Bob (Steve McLean and Matt Waite)
2, F5 Synthesis (Rob Gullan)
3, Sportsboatworld.Com (Jerry Hill)
4, Chill Pill + (Scott Graham and Nick Elder)
5, Darling Associates (Chris Darling)
6, Pp Projects (Phil Plumtree)
7, White Knuckles (Mike Pickering)
8, Sharc (Charlie Sheppard)
9, Edigitalresearch (Charles & Alec Russell and Ed Handasyde Dick)
10, Hyde Sails (Nigel Grogan)

SB20 (Race 2)
1, Sportsboatworld.Com (Jerry Hill)
2, F5 Synthesis (Rob Gullan)
3, Edigitalresearch (Charles & Alec Russell and Ed Handasyde Dick)
4, Hyde Sails (Nigel Grogan)
5, Whyaduck (Tom Clay)
6, Poor Buoy (M Gillett & P Hine)
7, Darling Associates (Chris Darling)
8, Pp Projects (Phil Plumtree)
9, White Knuckles (Mike Pickering)
10, Chill Pill + (Scott Graham and Nick Elder)

Sigma 33
1, Shadowfax (David Rolfe)
2, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)
3, Sixes And Sevens (Stuart Whitmore)
4, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
5, Muskoka (Ed Smith)

Sigma 38
1, With Alacrity (Chris & Vanessa Choules and Friends)
2, Zanzara (Nick Gale)
3, Sam (Serena Alexander, Peter Hopps and Hilary Cook)
4, Quatro Solutions (Quatro Solutions Panda Nova)
5, Sigmagician (Hardings and Friends)
6, Gambit (Cees Schrauwers)
7, Rho (Equinox Sailing)
8, Vitesse (Jon England)
9, Flying Formula (David McCarthy)
10, Marta (Brian Skeet)

1, Jenny (Andy Cassell)
2, Hibiscus (Robert Peace)
3, Bertie (Alistair Barter and Ed Suckling)
4, Fiscal (Lt Col D J Peerless)
5, Geronimo (Kevin Headon)
6, Periscope (Brian Malone)
7, Miscreant (Rosy Jones)
8, Biscuit (James Holman)
9, Pisces (Ian Marghan)
10, Discard (Penny Carter and Greg Driver)

1, Akarana 3 (Graham Deegan)
2, Fer De Lance (Glyn Locke)
3, Grapefruit Graphics (Nathan Batchelor)
4, Viper (Mike Relling)
5, Zhik (Chris Turner)
6, Abracadabra (Howard Steavenson)
7, Royal 2 (Christopher Hill)
8, Royal 3 (Christopher Jago)
9, Midnight Cowboy (Steph Merry)
10, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)

1, Lady Penelope (M Hutchings and A Ramsey)
2, Aquabat (Sarah Everitt and Steve Warren-Smith)
3, Rhapsody In Blue (Emma Baker and Sam Prime)
4, Corsair (David Biddle and Mike Brown)
5, Fuggles (Dick Holden)
6, Blood Sweat And Tears (David Lloyd)
7, Squibbo (Ian Keely)
8, Quantum (Simon & Jill Vines)
9, Aldebaran (Jackson and Jones)
10, Festina Lente (Alex and Gina Porteous)

1, Danny (Roger Wickens)
2, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
3, Misty (Humphrey van der Klugt)
4, Emily (Malcolm Glaister)
5, Melody (Johnny Hornby)
6, Fay (Richard Pearson)
7, Betty (Rebecca Wickens)
8, Query (Tim Hill)
9, Bryony (Peter Nicholson)

Sunsail Match F40
1, First Sailing (First Sailing)
2, Simply (Simply)
3, Howden Insurance (Howden Insurance)
4, Aberdeen Sunsail 1 (Aberdeen Sunsail 1)
5, Chaotic (Chaotic)
6, Deloitte Blue (Deloitte Blue)
7, Deloitte Black (Deloitte Black)
8, Deloitte Green (Deloitte Green)
9, Aberdeen Sunsail 2 (Aberdeen Sunsail 2)
10, Cazenove Capital (Cazenove Capital)

1, Skua (Harry Roome, Prue Roome, Will Rainey and Robin Knibb)
2, Solitude (AJ Lunch and AM Reid)
3, Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore and Mark Struckett)
4, Avocet (John Houghton)
5, Spectre (Clive Bush)
6, Kingfisher (Graham Barnes, Tim Wood and Duncan Barnes)
7, Cockersoottie (Lisa McDanell, Arthur Henderson and Hugo Sloper)
8, Curlew (Toby Hodge)

1, Peregrine (Team Pererine)
2, Shearwater (Russell Mead)
3, Zelia (Geoff & Sarah Dixon)
4, Zest (KF and SA Taylor)
5, Ziva (Jim Downing)
6, Variety (Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins)
7, Zircon (Gareth Penn)
8, Zinnia (John Scammell)
9, Zephyr (Brian Clarke)
10, Pelican (Hugh Pringle)

X One Design
1, Delight (Stuart Haill and Chris Trainer)
2, Lass (John Tremlett, J R Lear, R Bullock and R Jordan)
3, Xpeditious (James Markby)
4, Princess Jalina (David Palmer)
5, Calypso (Tim Harding)
6, Astralita (Michael Martell, Fraser Graham and Tim Copsey)
7, Foxglove (Alastair Ashford)
8, Gleam (J Meaning)
9, Lara (Willy McNeill and Ted Tredrea)
10, Ibex (Paul Woodman and Oliver James)


COM COOL BLUE IRC Class 6 (Photo by Rick Tomlinson)

COM COOL BLUE IRC Class 6 (Photo by Rick Tomlinson)