Meteor © George Bekris

For the second year running, the Candy Store Cup Superyacht Edition will showcase some of the world’s most spectacular yachts racing in a regatta designed specifically for them. The event, scheduled for Thursday through Saturday, July 27-29, is organized and hosted by Newport Shipyard and Bannister’s Wharf, which partnered last year to consolidate the Newport Bucket and Candy Store Cup regattas.

The largest yacht entered thus far is the 184’ (56m) Perini Navi ketch Zenji, which will join the other entries at Newport Shipyard’s newly expanded docks alongside dozens of other megayachts, both sail and power. The working shipyard has become the epicenter of the megayacht industry in New England and is uniquely positioned on the Newport waterfront to allow the public to view the yachts that are berthed there.


The Candy Store Cup is all about sportsmanship and camaraderie, as the pristine superyachts must race to rules specially formulated to keep them safe distances from each other. The format calls for pursuit-style (staggered start) racing on Rhode Island Sound, with one race planned for each of the three days, leaving plenty of time in the afternoons and evenings for socializing. Racing begins at 1 p.m. off Castle Hill and will provide a stunning visual for those watching from vantage points along the shore of Narragansett Bay’s East Passage, south of the Pell Bridge. The Candy Store Cup Party and Awards are on Saturday at 7 p.m.

Royal HuismanPerini NaviVitters and Rybovich, which are major players in the superyacht industry and were all stewards of the Newport Bucket, are presenting partners of the Candy Store Cup Newport. Supporting partners of the event are KVHNorth SailsSentient JetSouthern Spars / Future FibresWillis Towers WatsonThe Marshall Islands Registry, and M. Gemi.

Newport Shipyard, one of the most popular and recommended shipyards in the U.S., is a full-service marina and shipyard with over 3,500 linear feet of dock space that can accommodate yachts up to 300+ feet. Its amenities include a dockside café, ship store, fitness center, courtesy vehicles and crew housing. Bannister’s Wharf, founder of the original Candy Store Cup in 1977, is situated in downtown Newport and attracts visitors and locals alike with 20 shops and galleries that offer a diverse selection of life’s niceties. The social center of the Wharf is the Clarke Cooke House, home of the original Candy Store Cup.




Action – Sloop – 37m – Royal Huisman – Dykstra
Ranger (J) – Sloop – 42m – Danish Yacht – S&S / Dykstra NA
Sunleigh – Sloop – 32m – Jongert – Tony Castro


Audrey II – Ketch – 27m – Jongert – Jongert
Bequia – Yawl – 28m – Brooklin Boat Yard – Stephens
Freya – Sloop – 27m – Nautor’s Swan – Frers
Wild Horses – Sloop – 23m – W-Class™ Yachts – White


Meteor – Schooner – 52m – Royal Huisman – Dykstra NA
Naema – 42m – G Schooner – Graafship – Hodgdon Yachts
Whitehawk – 32m – Ketch – Lie-Nielsen – Bruce King
Zenji – Ketch – 56m – Perini-Navi – Ron Holland


Newport Shipyard Candy Store Cup aerial view ( Photo © Billy Black )


Newport Bucket Regatta 2014 (Photo by George Bekris  -

Newport Bucket Regatta 2014 (Photo by George Bekris –

By Hank Halsted

In anticipation of a very light day for race #3 of the 2014 Newport Bucket, the Race Committee selected conservative courses of 11 miles for the Grandes Dames and 13 for the Gazelles, with provision for shortening the course even farther if necessary, in the forecast dying breeze.  Little did they know, that the author and his wife the wind goddess, had conducted the Neptune Ritual at the height of the Bucket Bash, delivering two double shots of Mount Gay Rum to the end of Charlie Dock which, after a brief incantation, supplication and flat-out begging for wind, were cast upon the waters as an offering to the Big Guy with the Trident.  The racing started in a light nor’easter with most yachts popping spinnakers as they passed our lovely Committee Boat, 97′ Classic Vicem, CHANSON. However, the rum worked its magic and the sea breeze was early upon us as the wind shifted southeast and built to a reliable 11-12 knots for the rest of the day. Hail Neptune!

Among the Grandes Dames, it was METEOR’s day in the sun.  With two second place finishes in the regatta she started on her numbers and sailed fast downwind to meet the sea breeze head-on, shortened to her upwind sails and completed the course fast and flawlessly to finish nearly 15 minutes before ALTAIR in 2nd, with KAWIL rapidly closing from astern, just 35 seconds later in 3rd. METEOR’s win broke the three way tie for class honors, with METEOR in 1st, ALTAIR in 2nd and KAWIL 3rd among Les Grandes Dames.

The breeze held and filled in for the Gazelles and by the time P2 started, the sea breeze had even reached the starting area to give her an upwind start. Unfazed, the P2 crew trimmed for the conditions and romped around the course to claim the perfect “Hat Trick” with three wins for the Regatta.  The drama ran a bit deeper elsewhere among the Gazelles, led by WILD HORSES, who evidently did not fully absorb the plot for the day and proceeded to sail the shorter course for the Grandes Dames.  Evidently, TEMPUS FUGIT was so intent on catching the W Boat that they too, spent some time sprinting to the wrong mark, which allowed MARIE to finish with a comfortable second ahead of TEMPUS FUGIT, in third.  In the cumulative class results for the Gazelles, the clear winner was P2, with MARIE in 2nd and TEMPUS FUGIT in 3rd.

Class winners P2 and METEOR were presented with beautiful handcrafted Ship’s Bell Clocks from Chelsea Clock.

The awards presentation was hosted by the International Yacht Restoration School.  It was a great final gathering of the owners and crews in what had been one of the smallest Bucket Regattas in years with only seven boats, but without a doubt among the best Buckets ever.  The consistent comment was that the smaller fleet gave rise to a greater level of intimacy between the yachts and a heightened sense of camaraderie from start to finish.

Once the Class awards had been presented and the winners saluted by all, the Discretionary Awards were celebrated.  The Newport Chippewa Bomb, is presented to the yacht that best cultivates the fun and good times that this event is known for, with the best spin of left-field good humor.  This year it was looking pretty good for the crew of WILD HORSES, after they showed up at the Bucket Bash as the W Posse in full cowboy regalia, with vests, hats and six guns blazing.  However, Captain Wes and the MARIE crew had done their homework thoroughly and discovered that the Bash Band was going to be a full Beatles retinue.  When they showed up fully dressed as Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, in full uniform with gold braid and epilates, wigs and dark glasses, they launched the party to new heights.  This was a class act and a clear “Bomb” of a win.  We’re a bit concerned however, because MARIE has a legendary supply of black powder for her myriad of cannons and we’ve left the bomb in their care. . .

The newly minted Golden Pineapple Award, for the best hospitality within the fleet and basically, the “Winner of the Party” was also a close contest.  We thought we had a clear winner in LADY VICTORIA, which put on a table beyond compare at Friday’s Open House and entertained hundreds of guests with open epicurean southern hospitality.  However, our Committee Boat, the classic CHANSON owned by the Stidolph family and fully populated with three generations aboard, set a new standard not only for good times aboard (which never stopped), but for fully joining the fun of the event.  By Sunday, our hostess had taken over as the new Bucket Cannoneer!  We trust they will enjoy their gourmet dinner for six at the Clarke Cook House’s Sky Bar, sponsored by David Ray and also with our compliments!

The Wolter Huisman “Spirit of the Bucket” award is presented at each event by Alice Huisman, to recognize the yacht that best exhibits our core values of sportsmanship, safe seamanship, best hospitality and overall contribution to the event.  It is this spirit that sets the Bucket Regattas apart from all other events.  This year, the Wolter Huisman Spirit of the Bucket Award was presented to Donald Tofias, owner of WILD HORSES, in recognition of the fact that over the past 18 years he has participated in over thirty Bucket events and in a number of regattas, he entered two boats!  Donald’s contributions and support for the Buckets over many years are deeply appreciated.

The Vitters Seamanship trophy is presented to the yacht that demonstrates the best seamanship and sportsmanship in the interest of promoting safety on the race course.  It was an easy selection this year to recognize the yacht P2, for their many contributions to the sport of superyacht racing.  From the early days of racing their 50M Perini Navi cruising yacht, Mr. & Mrs. Andlinger and their team recognized the value of raising the bar on professional boat and sail handling, and they have never stopped perfecting every move.  On the new P2, the team has been together and refined their skill set since launching, with Jonathan Kline and Mr. A attracting a force of industry leaders to perfect every move aboard.  Their contributions to superyacht safety and the consistent contributions from many of the crew to the SYRA safety committee are fully celebrated in presentation of this award.  Well done P2!

Well done also in winning the 2014 Newport Bucket Regatta with a perfect score of three firsts!  This time around, P2 did not miss a beat winning a place on the perpetual trophy and taking home a beautiful crystal bucket.  Second place overall was earned by the crew of METEOR after her great Sunday race and third place was well earned by KAWIL.  Well sailed all!!

Race 3 FINISH TIME Cumulative Results Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Final
Points TIME Delta Points Points Points Points Rank
METEOR 1 1:59:00 PM 0:00:00 P2 1 1 4 6 1
ALTAIR 2 2:12:52 PM 0:13:52 METEOR 3 6 1 10 2
KAWIL 3 2:13:27 PM 0:14:27 KAWIL 2 7 3 12 3
P2 4 2:31:38 PM 0:32:38 MARIE 4 3 5 12 4
MARIE 5 2:39:41 PM 0:40:41 ALTAIR 6 5 2 13 5
TEMPUS FUGIT 6 2:49:16 PM 0:50:16 TEMPUS FUGIT 5 2 6 13 6
Race 3 FINISH TIME Cumulative Results Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Final
Points TIME Delta Points Points Points Points Rank
METEOR 1 1:59:00 PM 0:00:00 METEOR 2 2 1 5 1
ALTAIR 2 2:12:52 PM 0:13:52 ALTAIR 3 1 2 6 2
KAWIL 3 2:13:27 PM 0:14:27 KAWIL 1 3 3 7 3
Race 3 FINISH TIME Cumulative Results Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Final
Points TIME Delta Points Points Points Points Rank
P2 1 2:31:38 PM 0:00:00 P2 1 1 1 3 1
MARIE 2 2:39:41 PM 0:08:03 MARIE 2 3 2 7 2
TEMPUS FUGIT 3 2:49:16 PM 0:17:38 TEMPUS FUGIT 3 2 3 8 3
Indio, Newport Bucket Regatta Overall Wnner  (Photo by George Bekris)

Indio, Newport Bucket Regatta Overall Wnner I(Photo by George Bekris)

Seventeen spectacular yachts competed for Bucket honors under sunny Newport skies. Blessed with beautiful New England weather, well sailed races were completed on each of the regatta days. The winds were light and challenging but the yachts all rose to the challenge.

Indio’s consistent good sailing brought them to the podium to accept class and overall honors. The 102 foot Frers designed and Wally built sloop won both races in the very competitive Gazelles class.


Sejaa sails past Beaver Tail Lighthouse (Photo by George Bekris)

Sejaa sails past Beaver Tail Lighthouse (Photo by George Bekris)

Sejaa was well-sailed on both days and won top honors in the Mademoiselles class. A good light air boat, conditions were on their side. The Grandes Dames trophy went to Tenacious – another well sailed yacht.


Tenacious  (Photo by George Bekris)

Tenacious (Photo by George Bekris)

Saturday’s race presented light but very sailable conditions and the Race Committee sent all  classes  on more lengthy courses. The Gazelles had a 26nm course and the Grandes Dames and Mademoiselles were sent on a 22nm one. The course was set to challenge all with beat, run and reaching legs. The tacticians rose to the challenge and the best sailed boats rose to the top. The first four boats crossed the line within 45 seconds, making for a very exciting finish.

Sunday’s weather projections were for very light air, with some saying that the Bucket would be very lucky to get a race underway. After a half hour delay the wind did fill in and two short courses were set. The Gazelles were sent on an 11nm course and the other two classes on a 9nm one. Halfway through the race the breeze abated, making it of a bit of a struggle for some, but the racers hung in there and sailed their very best.

Hanuman (Photo by George Bekris)

Hanuman (Photo by George Bekris)

Race Director Peter Craig remarked that despite the light conditions, there were “two fun races, and as is usually the case, the best sailed boats were on the podium.”

Bucket Regattas are famous for their 26 years of shoreside fun and camaraderie. The 10th edition of the Newport Bucket was no exception. Friday and Saturday night socials at the Newport Shipyard marquee were filled with enthusiastic partygoers. Live music kept people dancing and the laughter and libations were in great supply! The ALLY Foundation was honored on the first night and their supporters and organizers joined in the welcoming celebration.

The Baywatch crew on KEEWAYDIN (Photo by Laurie Warner)

The Baywatch crew on KEEWAYDIN (Photo by Laurie Warner)

The Sunday awards ceremony took place at Salve Regina’s beautiful Ochre Court Mansion. A gorgeous sunset and gleaming crystal trophies made for a lovely presentation. In addition to the coveted perpetual Bucket trophy, Indio received a spectacular custom inscribed Mariner Chelsea Clock. Second and third place overall winners received beautiful Ship’s Bell Chelsea Clock trophies.


Lady B   (Photo by George Bekris)

Lady B (Photo by George Bekris)

Special Trophies were awarded to three very deserving yachts. The Wolter Huisman Memorial Spirit of the Bucket Trophy was presented to Lady B. Both ashore and on the water, their hospitality, enthusiasm and energy were in evidence. The Vitters Seamanship Trophy was awarded to MITseaAH in recognition of their great sportsmanship. Last but not least, the Chippewa Bomb was awarded to Wild Horses for their creative and fun “branding” of the other yachts.

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P2 Newport Bucket  (Photo  by George Bekris)

P2 Newport Bucket (Photo by George Bekris)


Hanuman Newport Bucket 2010 by George Bekris

Hanuman Newport Bucket 2010 by George Bekris

Newport, RI — The Newport Shipyard is buzzing as captains and crews prepare their yachts for the tenth edition of the Newport Bucket. Classic and contemporary superyachts are gathering for a weekend of racing and socializing.

Racing begins Saturday August 25 in the beautiful waters of Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound. Executive Director Tim Laughridge expressed his delight at the impressive turnout: “2012 will add a classic chapter to the Bucket history. These superyachts are always a magnificent sight under sail and there’s no more beautiful place to sail than Newport.”

P2 during 2009 Newport Bucket (Photo by George Bekris)

P2 during 2009 Newport Bucket (Photo by George Bekris)

Seventeen yachts ranging in size from 72 to 156 feet will compete in three classes: Les Gazelles des Mers, Les Grandes dames des Mers, and Les Mademoiselles des Mers. Daily and series class trophies will be awarded with overall honors going to the top three yachts in the combined fleet. In addition to the coveted perpetual “Bucket” trophy, the overall winners will receive beautiful custom inscribed Chelsea Clock trophies.

Racing in her first Newport Bucket is the beautiful148 foot sloop Lady B. The Vitters Shipyard built, Dubois design, captured second overall and class honors at the St Barths Bucket last March. A familiar and favorite local yacht is the W-Class Wild Horses.

A Bucket hallmark is the focus on the friendly competition and fun socializing on shore. The “Spirit of the Bucket” is unique and time-honored with a storied 26 year history. The nightly parties begin at the Newport Shipyard with a welcoming party that honors The ALLY Foundation

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Bucket Regattas the Bucket committee commissioned a beautiful coffee table book highlighting the Regattas’ evolution. The Bucket Book is spectacularly illustrated with dynamic photography photos of the various regattas in Nantucket, Newport and St Barths taken over the years. Included also are memories and anecdotes from those involved – organizers, sponsors, owners, guests, crew, and spectators. For more information and to place your order

MITseaAH at 2009 Newport Bucket start by George Bekris

MITseaAH at 2009 Newport Bucket start by George Bekris

ENTRIES for 2012

Les Gazelles des Mers

Yachts (6)





Hanuman Sloop Royal Huisman Dykstra & Partners 138 ft
Indio Sloop Wally Frers 102 ft
Lady B Sloop Vitters Shipyard Dubois 148 ft
P2 Sloop Perini Navi Briand 125 ft
Rambler Sloop McConaghy Reichel-Pugh 100 ft
Rebecca Ketch Pendennis Shipyard Frers 138 ft

Les Mademoiselles des Mers






Fearless Sloop Alden Hellenberg 72 ft
MITseaAH Sloop Pendennis Shipyard Pedrick 156 ft
Sejaa Sloop Chantier Naval Judel & Vrolijk 83 ft
Sorcerer II Sloop Cookson Frers 95 ft
Timoneer Ketch Vitters Shipyard Dubois 144 ft
Wild Horses Sloop Brooklin Boatyard White 76 ft

Les Grandes Dames des Mers

Yachts (5)





Altair Sloop Derecktor S&S 96 ft
Bolero Sloop Nevins S&S 74ft
BooToo Sloop Pendennis Shipyard Holland 89 ft
Keewaydin Ketch Palmer Johnson Yachts John G. Alden 108 ft
Tenacious Sloop Trident Shipwork Ted Hood Design 115 ft

Mitchell B-25 Bomber Betty’s Dream leads the pack (photo credit Texas Flying Legend Museum)

A vintage WWII Airshow featuring the Texas Flying Legends will follow racing at the ninth annual Newport Bucket Regatta on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28.  From 4:30 to 5 p.m. on each of those days, the Coast Guard will literally stop boat traffic off Fort Adams and Castle Hill as the public enjoys the spectacle. The Newport Bucket Airshow celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Bucket Regattas (held in Newport and St. Barth’s); it will feature six rare WWII vintage aircrafts including Last Samurai, one of only two Japanese Zeros still flying in the world; the FG-1D Corsair Whistling Death; the P-40K Aleutian Tiger; two P-51D Mustangs Dakota Kid II and Little Horse; and the Mitchell B-25 Bomber Betty’s Dream. 

“We’re always trying to think outside the box and figure out how to make the Bucket Regattas exciting for participants and spectators,” said Tim Laughridge, co-founder and director of the Newport Bucket Regatta. “In the past, the Bucket Regattas have been much more private events, and this year with the Texas Flying Legends making a debut in Newport, we can get the local community down to the waterfront and more involved than ever before.”

Fearless in the 2010 Newport Bucket Regatta (Photo by Geoge Bekris) 

The Newport Bucket is the sister regatta to the St. Barth’s Bucket held each Spring and is known for a legendary combination of thrilling big-boat racing and memorable shore-side celebrations set in the spirit of the Corinthian ideal. With 20 yachts registered to compete in Newport – including J Boats Velsheda and Ranger, the 37 meter Dubois/Fitzroy Moonbird, 42 meter Frers/Royal Huisman Hyperion and 35 meter Fontaine/Holland Jachtbouw Whisper – the regatta will once again live up to its reputation for hosting some of the world’s finest yachts afloat. Ironically, they are competing not for a fancy silver trophy but for bragging rights and a highly-sought-after tin bucket. The event is open to yachts over 100 feet LOA with the exception that those in the Demi Class can be 76 feet or over for 2011, in recognition of the earlier days in the regatta when the yachts competing were smaller.

 Superyacht Meteor in the 2010 Newport Bucket (Photo by George Bekris)

A public viewing will be available at the Quonset Air Museum from noon to 7 p.m. both days of the Airshow and will include access to the planes and pilots along with a viewing of the launching (approximately 4 p.m.) and recovery (approximately 5 p.m.).

 Best vantage points for spectators are Fort Adams, Castle Hill and Brenton Point State Park in Newport, R.I.; Fort Wetherill and Beavertail in Jamestown, R.I..

 History of the Newport Bucket Regatta:

The first Bucket regatta was organized in Nantucket, Mass., in August, 1986. Between 1986 and 2001, the Nantucket Bucket flourished, becoming a premier Mega Yacht Regatta that invited owners and crews of the world’s largest sailing yachts to sail to peak performance in a safe venue, in the spirit of wholesome competition. The concept of pursuit racing was brought to life by the Bucket, with each yacht assigned its own start time on a clear starting line for safety, and the start time calibrated to induce the yacht’s speed handicap.  Consequently, the first yacht to cross the finish line, wins. Following the announcement that 2001 was to be the last Nantucket Bucket, the founders passed the torch to the present Bucket Organizing Committee:  Hank Halsted (Exeter, R.I.), Ian Craddock (Italy) and Timothy Laughridge (Newport, R.I.). The summer venue was shifted in 2002 to Newport, R.I., where the event has since been hosted by the Newport Shipyard.


 P-40K Aleutian Tiger will be one of the six WWII vintage aircrafts flying in the Newport Bucket Airshow (photo credit Texas Flying Legend Museum)

Hanuman, Overall Winner Newport Bucket Regatta 2010 ( Photo by George Bekris )

Hanuman, Overall Winner Newport Bucket Regatta 2010 ( Photo by George Bekris )

Overall Winners

1st   Place   Hanuman
2nd  Place   White Wings
3rd   Place   Clevelander

Les Gazelles – Racing Class

1st   Hanuman
2nd  White Wings
3rd   Clevelander
Les Grand Dames – Cruising Class

1st    Meteor
2nd   Azzura
3rd    Gloria

Vitter’s Shipyard Seamanship Trophy


Chippewa Bomb


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Descriptions of Awards

These awards, first through third, are presented for the best performance overall for combined results, all classes, all races.

Les Gazelles & Les Grand Dames
In 2005, when the Bucket Regatta grew beyond all expectations and the fleet doubled in size, it was determined that the yachts should be split into classes that considered their essential attributes.  However, the distinction of “Cruising Division” and “Racing Division” seemed just, oh so pedestrian, for a fleet of this stature.  In the RC’s opinion, the designation of “Les Gazelles des Mers” for the Racing Division and “Les Grandes Dammes des Mers” for the Cruising Division, seemed far more appropriate.

Each Division has trophies presented for best performance overall, first through third.

Vitters Seamanship Trophy
Awarded to the yacht that demonstrates the best seamanship and sportsmanship in the interest of promoting safety on the race course.  All participants in the Bucket acknowledge that superyachts have serious limitations operating safely in close quarters and therefore, the RC has always valued safety well above performance.  This award will recognize the yacht that best demonstrates that understanding.  It also goes to prove that nice guys don’t always finish last!!

Newport Bucket Regatta 2009



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