Kicks off a month from the start of the festivities

From left to right: Francis Joyon, Francois Gabart, Yves Le Blévec, Thomas Coville. Photo credit: Thierry Martinez

From left to right: Francis Joyon, Francois Gabart, Yves Le Blévec, Thomas Coville. Photo credit: Thierry Martinez


This Thursday, the press conference to launch THE BRIDGE, a composite event commemorating the centenary of the first landing of American soldiers, was held in Paris in June 1917. It was

labeled by the Mission of the Centenary of the First World War , THE BRIDGE celebrates 100 years of France-USA friendship through festivities and animations imagined in the mirror of this common past. Designed as a bridge between audiences, the event, sponsored by Tony Parker , combines basketball, music and ocean sailing around this major event in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and New York. In the presence of Joseph Zimet, Director General of the First World War Centenary Mission, THE BRIDGE, unveiled his program.

On June 24th, THE BRIDGE will see the return of the Queen Mary 2, escorted by a multinational Armada, to Saint-Nazaire, its construction port, which in 1917 was the US transit base European soil. The next day (June 25, at 7 pm), the steel giant will embark on the Centennial Transat and its unprecedented 3,152-mile (5,837 km) course towards New York in the face of four Ultimate Trimarans led by ( Thomas Coville, François Gabart, Francis Joyon and Yves Le Blévec ). A historic Atlantic match with high symbolic value in the direction of New York, in the footsteps of those first “Sammies” who came to defend Liberty alongside the Allies.




In Nantes :

– Friday 16th June: Arrival of the trimarans

– Saturday 17th> Wednesday 21st June: 4thFIBA World Cup 3×3

– Thursday 22nd June: Descent from the Loire between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire

In Saint-Nazaire:
– Thursday, June 22: Arrival of trimarans – Village Opening events

– Saturday, June 24: Arrival of the Queen Mary 2 escorted by an international armada //
Great evening Centennial: concert, lights and sound public

– Sunday, June 25: Start of the Centennial Transat

At New York :
– Saturday 1 st July: Arrival of the Queen Mary 2 // THE BRIDGE concert at the Summerstage Festival in Central Park

– Between Sunday 2 and Monday 3 July: Estimated arrival of the first trimarans



On Friday, 2nd December, the press conference for the official launch of THE BRIDGE was held in the prestigious setting of the Salle Turenne at the Hôtel des Invalides. THE BRIDGE, a unique, festive, maritime, cultural and popular event, will take place from June 15th until the beginning of July 2017, in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and New York. Supported by the Centennial Mission 14-18, THE BRIDGE pays tribute to the arrival on the French coasts of the first US troops to defend Liberty alongside the Allies and to put an end to the First World War. THE BRIDGE places this historical event, which has nourished a hundred years of Franco-American friendship, at the centre of its festivities.

François Gabart (MACIF), Damien Grimont (THE BRIDGE organiser) and et Yves Le Blevec (ACTUAL) © Th.Martinez

The Centennial Transat, an unprecedented and historic race
“1917, the Americans came ashore… 2017, THE BRIDGE brings us on board”.

Based on this idea, THE BRIDGE has invited the Queen Mary 2 to take part in an ocean challenge in a race against a fleet of giant trimarans following the route of the first landing of 1917. This will be an unprecedented maritime contest between the famous steel giant specially chartered for the occasion and the fabulous racing multihulls skippered by top offshore racers and their crews, THE BRIDGE will be the theatre of the Centennial Transat, a thrilling race between the bridge of Saint-Nazaire and the Verrazano Bridge in New York. Don’t miss it!

Departure on June 25th, 2017 under the bridge of Saint-Nazaire

It is highly symbolic,” said François Gabart, one of the first four contenders of the Queen Mary 2, about his favourite challenge: a Northern Atlantic crossing from East to West. Departing on June 25th, 2017 and heading to New York where the prestigious liner, which will be cruising at 25 knots over the 3,150 miles (5,800 km) of the direct route, is expected to arrive in the early hours of the morning of July 1st, to be saluted according to tradition, by the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Download the official poster of THE BRIDGE

Basketball and jazz on centre stage
Conceived and envisioned as a bridge of friendship, THE BRIDGE also gives pride of place to jazz and to basketball. These two symbols of American culture will be at the heart of the three weeks of festivities on the programme celebrating a hundred years of friendship between France and the United States. Tony Parker, who epitomises the exchanges and bonds that have been strengthened over the past century by two countries separated by an ocean but united by loyal ties, sponsors this France-USA event.

France and the United States together: this project speaks to me. It is also a little nod to history to say thank you for everything that happened before. It makes sense for me to join THE BRIDGE; it stirs something in me. It is a big project and is growing bigger, and I am looking forward to seeing the event”, says Tony Parker.

Nantes to host the 4th 3×3 Basketball World Cup

In Nantes, the hub of basketball, THE BRIDGE has organised three weeks of symbolic events. In partnership with the FFBB (French Basketball Federation) and Nantes Métropole, the event will host the 4th 3X3 Basketball World Cup from 17th to 21st June 2017. A great first in France on the iconic site of the Park des Chantiers of the island of Nantes for this discipline, born on the streets and taking off all around the world. 20 women’s teams and 20 men’s teams from thirty countries will share the infectious spirit of 3X3 basketball, which pits two teams of three players against each other. It is a fine way to echo the spirit of freedom and fraternity intrinsic to basketball, a century after the first demonstrations of the art of dribbling on European soil.

The grand return of the Queen Mary 2 to Saint-Nazaire…
After Nantes, THE BRIDGE will continue in Saint-Nazaire with the return of the Queen Mary 2 to its port of construction. This will be an important event in itself for the City of Liners, whose history, culture, and economy are intimately linked to the sea and its industries. This exceptional charter, the fruit of efforts by THE BRIDGE Association to bring together a large family of public and private partners, was also made possible thanks to the mobilisation of the companies in the region. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial vision, the event expects 2,640 passengers, individuals and financial decision-makers to embark on the famous liner to follow the Centennial Transat live from front row seats. A historic adventure!

… Under multinational escort

The Queen Mary 2 is expected on Saturday June 24th in Saint-Nazaire, escorted by the Centennial Armada, an exceptional fleet bringing together ships from twelve countries out of the fifty involved in the First World War. On the following day, Sunday 25th June, the 345-metre-long steamer and the maxi-trimarans will set sail to the estuary of the Loire and the starting area of the Centennial Transat.

IDEC SPORT, a new contestant for the Queen Mary 2
Four talented and experienced offshore racing skippers have already responded to the call of THE BRIDGE and will be there with five crew on the start line. François Gabart (MACIF), Yves Le Blévec (ACTUAL) and Thomas Coville (Sodebo) of the group Ultim are amongst the first candidates for this unusual historic race. Most recently joining them is Francis Joyon (IDEC SPORT) and his crew, the latest entry for this maritime challenge, currently competing on the Jules Verne Trophy alongside the most serious contenders of the Queen Mary 2. Together with a further crew of five, these great offshore sailors will have to race at the top of they abilities across the 3,150 mile course (5,800 km approximately) against a cruise ship who will cross the ocean at full steam regardless of the weather conditions.


They said during the press conference:

Francis Joyon (IDEC SPORT):The IDEC SPORT trimaran, because of the absolute use of wind and ocean to move, represents the ideal link and symbolises the friendship between France and the United States . With the IDEC SPORT team, we are proud to participate in this premiere of THE BRIDGE.

Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim’):Being a pioneer is the DNA of the Ultim’ collective which brings together the owners of the biggest multihulls. Today, with THE BRIDGE, we have a meeting with history, with this new race, with this new concept and with the Queen Mary 2 … “

Yves Le Blévec (ACTUAL):“A start in Saint-Nazaire, a finish in New York, it is a mythical journey that takes us back to the era of passenger ships and steamships. The race format, which brings together for the first time all Ultim’, suits perfectly. “

François Gabart (MACIF):“It really resonates. One hundred years after the landing of the Americans in Europe, THE BRIDGE gives us the chance to do the return trip, to go to the United States to create the link to sailing and beyond. What is interesting about it is that there is a slightly different way of approaching the race, potentially bringing the media and the public closer to our boats and enabling us to run the race from the inside and give those privileged cruise passengers an amazing opportunity to experience it first hand.”

The main dates of THE BRIDGE:

Thursday 15th June: Arrival of the multihulls
Friday 17th – Wednesday 21st June: 4th FIBA 3X3 World Cup
Tuesday 21st June: Music Festival
Thursday 22nd June: Descent from the Loire between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire

Saint Nazaire:
Thursday 22nd June: Arrival of the maxi-trimarans in the Port of Saint-Nazaire – Opening of the event village
Friday 23rd June: Arrival of the military ships coming from the Atlantic coast
Saturday 24th June: Event village – Arrival of the Queen Mary 2 and entry in the Louis Joubert Lock (port of Saint-Nazaire)
Concert, sound and light show for the general public
Sunday 25th June: Start of THE BRIDGE 2017

New York:
1st July: Arrival of QM2
Between 2nd and 4th July: Estimated arrivals of the first boats

The Queen Mary 2 will also host independent travellers.
During the Nautic, THE BRIDGE organisers open up the sale of cabins on board the Queen Mary 2 giving those interest the option to follow the event all the way to New York.

Meet at THE BRIDGE area – HALL 1/J8.

The 100 Club: a unique entrepreneurial dynamic
Nearly 80 companies have signed up to the adventure. They have reserved the first cabins on board the Queen Mary 2 which has allowed for the charter of the prestigious steamship for the event. The business impetus has been set up to engage and perpetuate an and workshops will analyse and look at how business is set to evolve.

“Visionary entrepreneurs of the Club of 100 are not sponsors. They are also the actors of THE BRIDGE and embark as skippers on the Queen Mary 2, “explains Damien Grimont, creator and organiser of THE BRIDGE.


Shot list
00:00-1:35 Images of the press conference
01:36 – 02:56 Interview with François Gabart, skipper MACIF Ultim’ (French)
02:57 – 03:52 Interview with Yves Le Blévec, skipper ACTUAL (French)
03:53 – 5:10 Interview with Damien Grimont, THE BRIDGE organiser

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ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

Copenhagen – A day that started with light almost drifting conditions ended by finishing with a nice southerly breeze of about 10-knots to bring three more races to the scoreboards in the ORC World Championship 2016. Class A completed a 39-mile offshore race to thus fulfill the minimum requirements to qualify the event as a World Championship, and Classes B and C were able to complete two inshore races and thus qualify them for one discard of their worse inshore race.

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

These two classes were also racing for the first time in their new Gold and Silver fleets, where those in the Gold group will be competing for the final podium positions.

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

Class A started at 1000 local time in a very light 6-7 knot southeasterly breeze to race their mandatory offshore race, a 39-mile journey from the start outside Skovshoved Harbor to the light at Pinhattan on the Swedish coast, then south towards the shoals at Sondre Flint, under the bridge to Malmo, around a shipping buoy at Drugden, then back north along a channel along the Danish coast back to the finish at Skovshoved.

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

The challenge for the fleet was not only the light airs but the strong north-flowing current encountered when crossing over to the Swedish coast. Axel Seehafer’s Soto 40 Sportsfreund did this well, using a masthead genoa to speed across the river of current. Once on the Swedish side, Christian von Trepka’s GP 42 Al Capone did this leg well, getting furthest left from the fleet and sailing a little extra distance to escape the current but then also being one of the first to get to the new filling southerly breeze that peaked at 14 knots in this region of the race. This allowed them to sail around their competitors and hold on to 3rd place in corrected time, their best result yet.

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

But in light airs there’s nothing like having a tall rig, so it was Vadim Yakimenko’s TP 52 Freccia Rossa and Mattias Mer’s Brenta 55 Ember Sea that corrected out 1-2 in this race, the third bullet for the French team on the TP and the first 2nd place for the Germans.

In Class B action, the Gold and Silver fleet struggled in light air in their first race, which had its last lap shortened so that race managers could finish and move south towards where Class C was enjoying perfect 10-11 knot conditions. In this slow first race the class leader, Claus Landmark’s Landmark 43 Santa, won her third bullet of the series, a position familiar to her and all those who raced in Class A in the Worlds in Kiel in 2014.

But winner of the second race sailed in faster conditions was a local team from Denmark who are marching up the ranks as they iron out the wrinkles from previous races and enjoyed a discard to move them into fifth place in the rankings. Peter Buhl’s Swan 42 Sirena put the pieces together for a perfect Race 7 to just save their time by 22 seconds over runner-up Mormet, Aaro Cantell’s X-41 who is lying also as the runner-up in the series, six points behind Santa.

In Class C the wind was a perfect 9-11 knots, perhaps too much so as the class got hungry at the starts, generating multiple General Recalls in both the Gold and Silver groups. By staying out of the fray and sailing their own race, Lukasz Trzcinski’s Dufour 34 GoodSpeed was the surprise winner of Race 6, and with another great result in Race 7 (fourth place) they shared the honors of being the Class C low-scoring boat of the day. The boat they shared with – on scores of 4-1 – was a team further up the leaderboard, second-placed Michael Mollman’s X-37 Hansen.

“If you want to beat us, you have to come to Gdansk!” said a jubilant Trzcinski, who is one of the organizers of next year’s ORC European Championship in this, his home port.

But with a lead of only 0.5 points Jascha Bach’s new Italia 9.98 Bachyachting Racing Team has retained their position at the head of the pack, discarding a fifth place in today’s second race. While its too early to predict who will be on the podium on Saturday night with still two more days of racing ahead, the gap between Hansen and Bachyachting to third-placed Pro4u/Malin, Patrik Forsgren’s modified Beneteau 36.7 is right now at a margin of 14 points.

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

ORC Worlds, Copenhagen (Photo by Max Ranchi)

The Seven Star Round Britain and Ireland, race start.Cowes. Isle of Wight. Oman Sail MOD70 trimaran skippered by Sidney Gavignet (FRA) (Photo by Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images)

The Seven Star Round Britain and Ireland, race start. Cowes. Isle of Wight. Oman Sail MOD70 trimaran skippered by Sidney Gavignet (FRA) (Photo by Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images)

Musandam-Oman Sail, the Sultanate of Oman’s flagship trimaran, will join a small fleet of MOD70s at the start of the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s classic Round Ireland Race on 18 June to kick off the European season.

Sidney Gavignet, Skipper Oman Sail Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Sidney Gavignet, Skipper Oman Sail Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

French skipper Sidney Gavignet’s crew of Omani sailors and Irishman Damian Foxall are no strangers to the 700 mile Round Ireland race track having famously smashed the record in 2015 after completing the course in 40 hours, 51 minutes and 57 seconds, some four hours faster than anything achieved previously.

Fahad Al Hasni, Yasser Al Rahbi and Sami Al Shukaili were all on board for the record-breaking voyage and all return to action for the Round Ireland Race.

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

The team has developed a strong bond, says Gavignet so the prospect of lining up against other professional MOD70 crews in June for the start in Wicklow, to follow a course that leaves Ireland and all its islands excluding Rockall to starboard, serves to stir their competitive spirits.

“This Omani crew has a long history – last season especially was very demanding – so we have a very good team with a great team spirit,” said skipper Gavignet.

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

“We would like to win the race but know it will not be easy because the other MOD70s have been sailing a lot in the past few months. We have trained hard and the guys are performing at a different level now so we are very happy to go and do our best against the others.

“We hold the record but it is possible to do better and it is likely that whoever wins will set a new record, depending on the conditions. It is very exciting to be racing against Phaedo and Concise – it will be a good contest.”

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Preparations for the race have included some intensive training offshore as well as participation in the Grand Prix Guyader in Douarnenez, France, last weekend where the Omani Diam 24 team onboard Oman Airports by Oman Sail finished in 3rd place.

This weekend MOD70 sailors Fahad, Sami and Yasser are due to compete on Oman Sail’s J80 at the Grand Prix Ecole Navale at the French Naval Academy in Lanvéoc to get some crucial fleet race practice.

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Success in sailing against the clock for a speed record requires a different mindset to racing in a fleet, said Fahad, Oman’s most experienced and successful offshore sailor.

“Competing with other boats in the Round Ireland race will be different to breaking the record and probably a lot more difficult,” he said.

“The other MOD70s have been training and racing all year and have achieved some good results so they will be hard to beat. But we will be sailing the boat as fast as we can and if we can win, it will be fantastic for us because this is a two thirds Omani crew.”

Records are one thing but when you get two boats racing side by side, the results speak for themselves, commented Damian Foxall, acknowledged as Ireland’s most accomplished ocean sailor.

Damian Foxall ,Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Damian Foxall ,Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

“This season, our campaigns are all about fleet racing. When you are racing against the clock, you never know if you are performing 100% but in fleet racing, if you are not going 100%, you probably aren’t winning. And you know pretty quickly whether you have taken a good or bad option.

“Fleet racing is more like a game of chess and what the other boats do on the course can affect your own tactics. So you have to be on your game 100% all the time and sail a lot harder. Our guys understand that completely.”

A couple of years ago, Musandam-Oman Sail would have been favourite to win the multihull class, Foxall continued but an upsurge in activity on the other MOD70s means they have a contest on their hands.

“The guys on Phaedo and Concise are sailing extremely well now so a couple of years ago, we might have been favourites but that is certainly no longer the case and we are going to have to compete really hard to get a result this year. But we know how to sail the boat so this is great and exactly how it should be.”


Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)


To stay up to date:

For more information on the race, please go to:


Oman Sail Crew Mark Lloyd

Oman Sail Crew on Musandam (Photo © Mark Lloyd/ Lloyd Images)

Newport Bucket Regatta 2014 (Photo by George Bekris  -

Newport Bucket Regatta 2014 (Photo by George Bekris –

By Hank Halsted

In anticipation of a very light day for race #3 of the 2014 Newport Bucket, the Race Committee selected conservative courses of 11 miles for the Grandes Dames and 13 for the Gazelles, with provision for shortening the course even farther if necessary, in the forecast dying breeze.  Little did they know, that the author and his wife the wind goddess, had conducted the Neptune Ritual at the height of the Bucket Bash, delivering two double shots of Mount Gay Rum to the end of Charlie Dock which, after a brief incantation, supplication and flat-out begging for wind, were cast upon the waters as an offering to the Big Guy with the Trident.  The racing started in a light nor’easter with most yachts popping spinnakers as they passed our lovely Committee Boat, 97′ Classic Vicem, CHANSON. However, the rum worked its magic and the sea breeze was early upon us as the wind shifted southeast and built to a reliable 11-12 knots for the rest of the day. Hail Neptune!

Among the Grandes Dames, it was METEOR’s day in the sun.  With two second place finishes in the regatta she started on her numbers and sailed fast downwind to meet the sea breeze head-on, shortened to her upwind sails and completed the course fast and flawlessly to finish nearly 15 minutes before ALTAIR in 2nd, with KAWIL rapidly closing from astern, just 35 seconds later in 3rd. METEOR’s win broke the three way tie for class honors, with METEOR in 1st, ALTAIR in 2nd and KAWIL 3rd among Les Grandes Dames.

The breeze held and filled in for the Gazelles and by the time P2 started, the sea breeze had even reached the starting area to give her an upwind start. Unfazed, the P2 crew trimmed for the conditions and romped around the course to claim the perfect “Hat Trick” with three wins for the Regatta.  The drama ran a bit deeper elsewhere among the Gazelles, led by WILD HORSES, who evidently did not fully absorb the plot for the day and proceeded to sail the shorter course for the Grandes Dames.  Evidently, TEMPUS FUGIT was so intent on catching the W Boat that they too, spent some time sprinting to the wrong mark, which allowed MARIE to finish with a comfortable second ahead of TEMPUS FUGIT, in third.  In the cumulative class results for the Gazelles, the clear winner was P2, with MARIE in 2nd and TEMPUS FUGIT in 3rd.

Class winners P2 and METEOR were presented with beautiful handcrafted Ship’s Bell Clocks from Chelsea Clock.

The awards presentation was hosted by the International Yacht Restoration School.  It was a great final gathering of the owners and crews in what had been one of the smallest Bucket Regattas in years with only seven boats, but without a doubt among the best Buckets ever.  The consistent comment was that the smaller fleet gave rise to a greater level of intimacy between the yachts and a heightened sense of camaraderie from start to finish.

Once the Class awards had been presented and the winners saluted by all, the Discretionary Awards were celebrated.  The Newport Chippewa Bomb, is presented to the yacht that best cultivates the fun and good times that this event is known for, with the best spin of left-field good humor.  This year it was looking pretty good for the crew of WILD HORSES, after they showed up at the Bucket Bash as the W Posse in full cowboy regalia, with vests, hats and six guns blazing.  However, Captain Wes and the MARIE crew had done their homework thoroughly and discovered that the Bash Band was going to be a full Beatles retinue.  When they showed up fully dressed as Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, in full uniform with gold braid and epilates, wigs and dark glasses, they launched the party to new heights.  This was a class act and a clear “Bomb” of a win.  We’re a bit concerned however, because MARIE has a legendary supply of black powder for her myriad of cannons and we’ve left the bomb in their care. . .

The newly minted Golden Pineapple Award, for the best hospitality within the fleet and basically, the “Winner of the Party” was also a close contest.  We thought we had a clear winner in LADY VICTORIA, which put on a table beyond compare at Friday’s Open House and entertained hundreds of guests with open epicurean southern hospitality.  However, our Committee Boat, the classic CHANSON owned by the Stidolph family and fully populated with three generations aboard, set a new standard not only for good times aboard (which never stopped), but for fully joining the fun of the event.  By Sunday, our hostess had taken over as the new Bucket Cannoneer!  We trust they will enjoy their gourmet dinner for six at the Clarke Cook House’s Sky Bar, sponsored by David Ray and also with our compliments!

The Wolter Huisman “Spirit of the Bucket” award is presented at each event by Alice Huisman, to recognize the yacht that best exhibits our core values of sportsmanship, safe seamanship, best hospitality and overall contribution to the event.  It is this spirit that sets the Bucket Regattas apart from all other events.  This year, the Wolter Huisman Spirit of the Bucket Award was presented to Donald Tofias, owner of WILD HORSES, in recognition of the fact that over the past 18 years he has participated in over thirty Bucket events and in a number of regattas, he entered two boats!  Donald’s contributions and support for the Buckets over many years are deeply appreciated.

The Vitters Seamanship trophy is presented to the yacht that demonstrates the best seamanship and sportsmanship in the interest of promoting safety on the race course.  It was an easy selection this year to recognize the yacht P2, for their many contributions to the sport of superyacht racing.  From the early days of racing their 50M Perini Navi cruising yacht, Mr. & Mrs. Andlinger and their team recognized the value of raising the bar on professional boat and sail handling, and they have never stopped perfecting every move.  On the new P2, the team has been together and refined their skill set since launching, with Jonathan Kline and Mr. A attracting a force of industry leaders to perfect every move aboard.  Their contributions to superyacht safety and the consistent contributions from many of the crew to the SYRA safety committee are fully celebrated in presentation of this award.  Well done P2!

Well done also in winning the 2014 Newport Bucket Regatta with a perfect score of three firsts!  This time around, P2 did not miss a beat winning a place on the perpetual trophy and taking home a beautiful crystal bucket.  Second place overall was earned by the crew of METEOR after her great Sunday race and third place was well earned by KAWIL.  Well sailed all!!

Race 3 FINISH TIME Cumulative Results Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Final
Points TIME Delta Points Points Points Points Rank
METEOR 1 1:59:00 PM 0:00:00 P2 1 1 4 6 1
ALTAIR 2 2:12:52 PM 0:13:52 METEOR 3 6 1 10 2
KAWIL 3 2:13:27 PM 0:14:27 KAWIL 2 7 3 12 3
P2 4 2:31:38 PM 0:32:38 MARIE 4 3 5 12 4
MARIE 5 2:39:41 PM 0:40:41 ALTAIR 6 5 2 13 5
TEMPUS FUGIT 6 2:49:16 PM 0:50:16 TEMPUS FUGIT 5 2 6 13 6
Race 3 FINISH TIME Cumulative Results Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Final
Points TIME Delta Points Points Points Points Rank
METEOR 1 1:59:00 PM 0:00:00 METEOR 2 2 1 5 1
ALTAIR 2 2:12:52 PM 0:13:52 ALTAIR 3 1 2 6 2
KAWIL 3 2:13:27 PM 0:14:27 KAWIL 1 3 3 7 3
Race 3 FINISH TIME Cumulative Results Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Final
Points TIME Delta Points Points Points Points Rank
P2 1 2:31:38 PM 0:00:00 P2 1 1 1 3 1
MARIE 2 2:39:41 PM 0:08:03 MARIE 2 3 2 7 2
TEMPUS FUGIT 3 2:49:16 PM 0:17:38 TEMPUS FUGIT 3 2 3 8 3


Jeffery Mafarlaine by Billy Black 1

The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing completed its second leg of offshore racing with #116 – crossing the Jamestown FiSH Finish line first with an elapsed time of 29 hours 51 minutes 07 seconds on Sunday, May 18, to complete the 231 nautical mile leg from New York Harbor to Newport, R.I. In the closest offshore leg finish in Atlantic Cup history, beat out #54 Dragon (29:52:27) by 1 minute 20 seconds. Winner New York to Newport leg of the Atlantic Cup (Photo by Billy Black) Winner New York to Newport leg of the Atlantic Cup (Photo by Billy Black)

The second leg of the Atlantic Cup set sail at 12:05 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 18th from New York Harbor en route to Newport with international competitors from the USA, Belgium and Canada. The leg was really a duel between Dragon and JeffreyMacFarlane from the start and both teams were within sight of each other for the duration of the race. Coming into Narragansett Bay racing was incredibly tense for both teams as and 54-Dragon crossed each other in match racing mode.

Dragon by Billy Black

Dragon by Billy Black skipper Jake Arcand: “We could see Dragon almost the whole night except for after dark for a couple of hours where we could barely see their masthead. Our plan [coming into the finish] was just to cover. If they were going to go around the backside of Block Island we were going to go around the backside…At Point Judith we were not more than a boat length apart from each other.”


JeffreyMacFarlane skipper Jeff MacFarlane: “It feels great to win, especially after the last leg where we had some boat troubles.”

For all of the results and to view the race tracker replay please visit HERE.

Grypon Solo 2 (Photo by Billy Black)

Grypon Solo 2 (Photo by Billy Black)

Current Standings


Leg 1 Leg 2 Total Pts.
106 – Gryphon Solo 2 10 6              16
54 – Dragon 8 8 16
116 – 4 10 14
39 – Pleiad 6 4 10
25 – Flatline 0 2 2
Pleiad Racing by Billy Black 2014

Pleiad Racing by Billy Black 2014

Leg 2: New York City-Newport Provisional Results

Starting Time: Date Finished Finish Time Elapsed Time Time Diff Leg Pos Leg Point
Team H M S H M S H:M:S
116 – 12 : 05 : 00  18-5-14 17 : 56 : 07 29:51:07 0:00:00 1 10
54 – Dragon 12 : 05 : 00  18-5-14 17 : 57 : 27 29:52:27 0:01:20 2 8
106 -Gryphon Solo 2 12 : 05 : 00  18-5-14 19 : 45 : 36 31:40:36 1:49:29 3 6
39 – Pleiad 12 : 05 : 00  18-5-14 21 : 00 : 39 32:55:39 3:04:32 4 4
25 – Flatline 12 : 05 : 00  18-5-14 22 : 21 : 27 34:16:27 4:25:20 5 2


Flatline by Billy Black

Flatline by Billy Black


Atlantic Cup Fleet 2013 by Billy Black

Atlantic Cup Fleet 2013 by Billy Black

Atlantic Cup 2014 Start in Charleston (Photo by Billy Black)
The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing’s Expert Weighs in on the Final Push to NYC & What to Expect from the Teams

The weather for the final push into the finish of leg one from Charleston to NYC should prove to be testing on the gear and on the clothing of the sailors. It’s going to be a very chilly night with air temps and water temps both in the low 50s.  Currently there is a backdoor cold front that has been pushing southwest from a position north of Cape Cod last night all the way to southern New Jersey at the time of this update. This has erased the nice warm weather from yesterday and brought with it stiff nor’east and east breezes. As the front continues its southern movement, the wind should ease slightly and go a bit right. I would expect to see breeze holding 12-15 kts through the early night, with direction from 40 to 70 mag.  As the pressure eases I would expect to see the 60-70 wind direction numbers, with the 40-50 direction being the last holdout puffs into the mid to high teens.

Based on current tracker positions it appears heading offshore on port tack to gain angle yields very slow speeds, as this is most likely directly into a terrible easterly sea state, and #106 – Gryphon Solo 2 appears to be trying to hug the coast and avoid the tack out. They will certainly have to play the nav game to avoid the shallow sandbars and dangers closer to shore, but seem to be gaining as they spend more time on starboard close hauled and occasionally close reaching.  The lead boats currently have 80 NM to the finish with a mere 4 miles separating front runner GS 2 from #39 – Pleiad Racing,  so we may see them arriving sometime after midnight into the very early morning, possibly sunrise if the sea state is nastier than we think!   4 miles in double-handed ocean racing is not much at all, so it will be a tacking duel and dogfight into the finish!   One more cold night in store for the fleet, but warmth and plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon awaits on the docks!

Pleiad Racing by Billy Black


The Vic-Maui International Yacht Race, the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest ocean racing, covers a distance on the rhumbline of 2,308 nautical miles.  The Vic-Maui race was first contested in 1965 and has been sailed every two years since 1968.  The start venue is Victoria, BC, on Canada’s West Coast, where pre-start preparations are completed in the picturesque Inner Harbour.  The fleet starts just outside the harbour, sails out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, leaves Cape Flattery on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to port, and heads across the Northeast Pacific Ocean.  Boats aim to sail around the North Pacific High and into the Trade Winds for the sub-tropical run to Hawaii.  Days and nights at sea pass with sightings of whales, dolphins and albatross, under spectacular sunrises, sunsets, and brilliant starry nights.  The finish venue is Lahaina, Maui, the former royal capital of the Hawaiian Islands.  As each boat crosses the finish line, the boat and crew are warmly welcomed in the Hawaiian tradition, after which the crew, family and friends enjoy a stay on Maui and attend a festive awards banquet. Key dates for the 2014 Vic-Maui:.

7-01-10-595_300.Pre-Start: July 1  •  Starts: July 3-7  •  Finish Time Limit: July 24  •  Awards Banquet: July 26 evening

Anduril (Sail #: 39521)
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Hailing Port
Racing, Fully Crewed Greg Harms Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Farr 395 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Turnagain (Sail #: 74454)
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Hailing Port
Racing, Fully Crewed Travis McGregor Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Beneteau Oceanis 50 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Kinetic (Sail #: 74373)
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Hailing Port
Racing, Fully Crewed David Sutcliffe Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Beneteau First 47.7 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Passepartout (Sail #: 47724 )
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Hailing Port
Racing, Fully Crewed Peter Shainin Anacortes Yacht Club Stevens Custom 47 Anacortes, WA, USA
Bedlam II (Sail #: 2507)
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Hailing Port
Racing, Fully Crewed Alan Slater Vancouver Rowing Club C&C 41 Redline Vancouver, BC, Canada
Losloper (Sail #: 74459)
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Hailing Port
Cruising Magnus Murphy Shearwater 39 Ladysmith, BC, Canada
Turicum (Sail #: 74257)
Class Skipper Yacht Club Type Port
Racing, Fully Crewed Warren “Hale” Hale Vancouver Rowing Club C&C 44 Vancouver, BC, Canada